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Q: Where can I start a new program?
A: ANYWHERE! Just For Kix currently has programs in 14 states and we are always looking to expand. We would love to come to your community.                  

Q: I already have a full time job, can I still be a Director?
A: ABSOLUTELY! Many of our Directors have full time jobs and teach dance classes in the evening.                  

Q: How many years of dance experience do I need to be a Director?
A: Just For Kix does not set a minimum years of dance experience needed to be a Director. We look at each applicant on an individual basis and determine if they have the skills, in addition to a dance background, to be a great Director.                  

Q: How much does it cost a Director to start a new program? 
A: Nothing. Directors have no start up or out of pocket expenses.                  

Q: Where are dance classes held? Do I have to buy a facility?
A: Just For Kix classes are held in a number of different facilities. Directors will look for a facility to rent that has the space available to hold a dance class and can commit to the class schedule from September-April/May. A Director does not have to buy a facility.                  

Q: How much do Directors get paid?
A: Just For Kix Directors are paid on a commission depending on the size of their program. They also earn commission on uniform and customwear sales. Use the calculator to find estimated commission amounts.

Q: Is Just For Kix a franchise?
A: No, Just For Kix is not a franchise. Our Directors are employees of Just For Kix.

Q: Do I teach all of the classes? Do I have an assistant? 
A: Directors will start out teaching all of the classes. If the classes get too big, or a Director decides to add more classes that they cannot teach, they will work with their Home Office Representative to find an assistant.

Q: What ages does Just For Kix provide classes for?
A: Just For Kix typically provides classes for ages 3 years old thru seniors in high school. Some Directors choose to offer classes for children as young as 18 months and classes for adults.                  

Q: What styles of dance does Just For Kix offer classes in?
A: Just For Kix choreography focuses on the kick style of dance. Other classes that can be added are jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, ballet, blacklight routines, adult routines, among others. 
Q: Where is the Just For Kix Home Office located?
A: The Just For Kix Home Office is located in Baxter, Minnesota. This is where the first Just For Kix class was taught and the company was formed.  

Q: What is the difference between owning my own dance studio and being a Just For Kix Director?   
A: Starting your own dance studio requires start up expenses, choosing and ordering uniforms, choreographing routines, collecting payments, paying for a facility, etc. As a Just For Kix Director, we do all of those things for you and you have no out of pocket expenses. We want our Directors to be able to focus on teaching the classes and providing quality dance instruction.                    
Q: I already own a dance studio, can I become a part of Just For Kix?
A: YES! We have had a number of existing studios convert to a Just For Kix studio because of all the resources and support we provide.